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Branding & Corporate Identity

Think of your corporate identity as your company’s flag in the business world. At minimum, it should be recognized. But you should reach higher: your real objective should be for it to be respected. Ideally, it could even be revered. Your corporate identity should convey your company’s strengths, be a source of pride, strengthen relationships with your customers – and help attract new business.

Your corporate identity overlaps with your brand. Some would see them as one and the same. Certainly, the physical brand elements are parts of your corporate identity. But your brand values – the intangible concepts that people associate with your company – are far broader.

Merlin Edge is expert in all elements of branding and corporate identity. Our expertise extends from intelligent, purposeful name-selection all the way to tweaking your business cards and designing logo-wear. Plus, the critical work of identifying brand values and levering those concepts throughout your marketing and communications.