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Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity takes many forms. It includes such basics as your name, logo, a tag-line or slogan, business cards, signage and vehicle/equipment livery. It’s a key part of your brand. Its combination of colours, shapes, graphics and materials must be instantly recognizable as belonging to your brand, whether the elements are used by themselves or are part of other communications materials. The parameters you choose for your logo and stationery will influence the colours and graphics that can be used in your other marketing materials.

Merlin Edge will help you develop a memorable corporate identity that:

  • Fosters the loyalty of investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders;
  • Positions you where you want to be in the market;
  • Promotes employee recruitment and retention;
  • Presents you favourably to the public at large; and
  • Is meaningful to you, your shareholders and your customers.

Merlin Edge will develop an identity that conveys the soul of your organization.

Corporate identity is usually also the critical part of your organization’s physical brand. Often, the two are essentially synonymous. There’s another dimension to your brand, however: the intangible brand elements. Please click or tap here to learn more.

For a larger organization that’s starting (or re-starting) at the very beginning, we’ll encourage you to consider a full-fledged branding study. This is a great opportunity to get everything right from the very first, and keep things consistent down the road.