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External Research

Research is where marketing strategy and brand development are born. Merlin Edge’s approach to research will give you a complete view of your company. Normally, we start by asking the people who are easiest to reach – your own – for their views on your competitive strengths and weaknesses, plus any other areas of interest. But your people’s perspective of your company can be vastly different from the market’s impression. It’s only one aspect of your story.

That is why Merlin Edge also recommends conducting deep qualitative research with customers. Ideally, this includes some former customers and prospects that you didn’t close. The objective is to understand their perceptions of your business, your brand, your people, your operations, your products and services, and your project execution.

We develop the questions, conduct the interviews, compile the responses and prepare a report. Our presentation includes concrete conclusions and practical recommendations that will point the way towards strengthening your brand, your marketing, your business development – even your operations.

The research phase is carefully integrated with the rest of your brand development, brand management or marketing strategy process so that it can play a meaningful supportive role in creating an effective program. The internal and external research yields strategic insights providing broad direction to your branding and marketing programs. In addition, the results are almost always granular enough to yield specific messages, concepts and images as well.