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Internal Communication

Promoting internal buy-in to your company’s values, to a new product line, to a market expansion or a complex acquisition requires the same marketing strategy sophistication as any external campaign. Failing to do so, in fact, can threaten the success of the whole business initiative.

Or perhaps you’ve concluded you need to change your people’s attitudes or behaviour. Maybe you need them to adopt new safety policies. Maybe improving business process efficiency depends on modified work habits. Or maybe a recent industry award or other positive event presents you with an opportunity to build pride in your organization.

Merlin Edge’s strategic internal communications help businesses achieve these internally focused management goals. Internal communication has significant advantages. You have a known, defined audience. You know where you can reach them. You know them by name and what they do. After all, these are the people you see every day.

Merlin Edge offers a suite of approaches to accomplish your goals. That extends all the way to complete internal employee branding, including facilitating your corporate visioning process.