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Public Relations and Crisis Communications

Shaping a positive public image of your company is typically the work of years or decades, while a negative public image can pop up almost instantly through a single transgression, bad-luck event or misinterpretation of your communications. Once lost, a reputation can take years to restore – if it can even be done.

Merlin Edge helps you develop focused and strategic public relations campaigns centred on smart messaging that is aligned with your stakeholders’ interests. Success depends on knowing what’s important to each stakeholder group and tailoring messages to appeal to each group’s specific concerns.

Our combination of writing ability and strong awareness of current events, industry trends and relevant public policies form the key to success in public relations. Our responsiveness to our customers’ needs – honed and clearly demonstrated over our decades in business – are central to our ability to craft effective communications in a crisis.

Public relations programs are often tied to community investment initiatives. Merlin Edge will identify the best ways to lever your community investment dollars and support your public relations by building brand awareness and goodwill towards your business. Merlin Edge will also help you choose the causes that reflect your business’s values – and thereby reflect well on you.