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Sponsorship and Events Management

Sponsorship marketing benefits your business through a branding association with popular events, personalities and activities that mesh with your target markets’ interests. Sponsorship is big business and requires the same strategic approach as any other marketing initiative.

Sponsorship is a part of experiential branding. It takes a great deal of thought and creativity to determine how you want to associate your brand with a personality, activity or event. We will help you choose sponsorship opportunities that fit with your corporate values, your brand, your internal branding or employee relations and with your other charitable and community activities.

Event participation has the potential to heighten your business’s public profile, strengthen relationships with clients and encourage team building. Merlin Edge will work with you to develop a plan to lever your participation at sponsored events.

For events and activities in which your company is playing a central role (or is the organizer), we are also able to take on the organization and management of the event itself, working with a trusted strategic partner with decades of specialized event management experience.