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Internal Branding

Build a Stronger Team

Proud organizations stand out in a crowd. Their pride needs to begin at home. Internal branding is about strengthening and growing your business by maximizing the support you gain from satisfied employees – employees who get what you’re trying to do. That includes cultivating brand champions – people who are passionate about what they do and where they work.

Attracting the best talent depends on knowing what job-seekers require from their employer. Internal branding helps uncover strengths that you can use in recruitment – and helps transform your brand champions into unofficial recruiters. Following recruitment, your star performers can be the most difficult to keep. By helping you communicate compelling reasons for your best people to stay, internal branding also becomes part of your retention strategy.

How Internal Branding Works

Internal branding is a collaborative, consultative process using Merlin’s expertise and facilitation. It typically begins with discovery sessions into, or re-affirmation of, your organization’s vision, mission, values, strategic plan and brand characteristics.

The internal branding process includes identifying the characteristics that form the building blocks of your internal brand. That can include things like the state-of-the-art equipment your field workers get to operate, the innovation drive that enables engineers just out of university to design technology they’ve always dreamed about, your company’s entrepreneurial management style, or the charities and events you participate in.

The heart of internal branding is the plan we develop to instill all of that knowledge throughout your work force, promoting buy-in from each individual. Once your internal brand has been solidified, Merlin Edge will help you communicate it to your employees, so they can make it real in your workplace and transmit it through their interaction with each other, with customers and with potential recruits.

We’ll also use your internal brand as the foundation of your future recruitment and retention campaigns. Often, that begins with your website’s careers section. The result is a workplace where employees understand and appreciate your business’s values and bring them to life internally and out in the marketplace every day.

You can expect to see results that go beyond just a few more smiling faces around your office or shop. Effective internal branding aims far higher than that, inspiring employees who work that little bit harder, contribute more, generate ideas you’d never expect from them, and are far more likely to build careers rather than just cash paycheques. That, plus an increasing number of motivated as well as merely qualified applicants knocking at your door.