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Cultural Identity

You may find it hard to describe your culture. But we know it’s there. It’s in everything from the way your employees speak to your customers, to how carefully they steward company equipment and property, how they interact with one another – supportively and collaboratively vs. competitively and selfishly – whether they tend to show up early or late – even in the way they dress.

Your people are the caretakers of your business’s culture. And don’t forget that what your people do outside the workplace is a part of it. Business culture or cultural identity is woven intricately with your internal brand. The two make up parts of each other and reinforce (or, potentially, undermine) one another.

Merlin can work with all levels of your organization to discover and define your business’s culture. We’ll communicate those findings to you in a format that is clear and complete – and points the way to practical action. Then we’ll work with you to craft a plan to ensure that your workplace reflects your values and your employees radiate those values in their dealings with each other, customers and the world at large.

Ultimately, your internal culture will have a lot to do with your success as a business. One important example is recruitment: job seekers, generally speaking, want to work with people who are like themselves. You need new recruits to fit in right away. Among the many benefits, understanding and promoting your business culture will help you attract and keep the right kind of people.