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Employee Recruitment

Experienced versus recent grads, trades versus professionals, single versus family-oriented – job seekers are a diverse group with varying must-haves and nice-to-haves from their employer. Merlin’s recruitment and retention program begins by helping you establish and prioritize what each of your employee segments is seeking from their employer. We follow through with creative communications matching aspects of your company with the priority sets of qualified candidates.

Job applicants aren’t always driven by the highest salaries or looking for the fattest benefits package. For many, the intangibles are just as important. That can include brand new equipment, nice shops and offices, a management philosophy that helps people be their best, customer service, safety standards, continuing education, the promotions track.

Those intangibles are latent assets that you can lever into recruitment tools. We’ll show you how to make them stand out. And remember: all these characteristics are building blocks of your internal brand.