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Employee Retention

You know how satisfied you are with the performance of those reporting to you. But how well do you understand how satisfied they are in working for you? You need to know.

Gauging your employees’ satisfaction is one place where you need an external consultant. If you asked your people whether they enjoyed their work, most would of course answer, “Yes!” But would it be true? You need the objectivity of a third party. It’s your best shot at getting meaningful responses.

Merlin’s employee retention campaigns normally begin with an external satisfaction survey to find out what your people like about their jobs and what they would like to change. Once we know what is important to your people, Merlin helps you devise a strategy to reinforce the positives, overcome some of the challenges and work around the negatives.

There’s a large array of employee retention tactics. Here are a few examples:

  • Celebrating your successes through regular internal communications;
  • Communicating what makes your company great;
  • Creating fair advancement and promotion policies – and communicating them clearly;
  • Recognizing outstanding performance;
  • Communicating how you give back to your community; and
  • Creating programs that help people volunteer or contribute in areas of interest.

In short, if you convince your employees they’re on an industry-leading team, they might never want to leave.