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Mission, Vision, Values

People typically would like to work for the best company in their industry, the best provider in their market. And one with a vision for a stronger, bigger and brighter future.

The first step in achieving your vision is articulating it, along with the values that define who you are and that help govern your way of operating, and the mission that will help keep your business on track.

Mission, vision, values: these terms are frequently misunderstood, with key concepts becoming muddled among them. At Merlin Edge, we understand what separates these critical concepts and how they are linked. Above all, how they can function as a powerful package if crafted properly.


“Visioning” is some of the deepest thinking a business owner or management team will ever do. With our long experience and deep intellectual capacity, we are the agency to help you through this essential process.

Through strategic planning sessions, discussions with your key people and brand analysis, Merlin Edge will help you put on paper where your company is today and what it would like to become tomorrow. Our job is not only to articulate your values, but to help you bridge the gap from theory to reality – seeing those values reflected in your workplace.

Your business’s mission, vision and values are building blocks of your internal brand. They’re far more than theory. If applied thoughtfully, they become the soil from which fruitful recruitment and retention campaigns grow. If you can inspire employees with your vision of where the company is headed, you’ve given them a reason to stay. Inspire job seekers with your mission and they’re more likely to jump aboard.