Business 2 Business Marketing

Market Insight

Marketing strategy is the beating heart of every successful business-to-business campaign. Developing the strategy behind the best campaigns begins with internal and external research to gain a thorough understanding of your business, your clients’ business needs and where and how you can reach your potential customers.

We’ll mold the findings into a strategy for achieving your objectives – whether that’s capturing greater market share, launching new products and services, or spreading your wings beyond your current markets. These two steps can also be part of a brand discovery/development process.

From there, we’ll develop the nuts and bolts of your marketing plan. There are virtually infinite potential outlets across dozens of separate media, all competing for your scarce marketing dollars. You can’t begin to hit them all. A Merlin Edge marketing plan will transform the white noise into a clear picture, ensuring that your resources are not wasted, but are invested wisely. Strengthening your brand and helping to build your business.

Merlin Edge understands the difference between industrial and consumer marketing. Industrial marketing uses many of the same materials, techniques and media as consumer marketing. The main differences are in strategy, design, tone and content – all of which result in a distinctly different marketing product and campaign from consumer or retail marketing.

Industrial buyers are typically seeking a combination of unique technical specifications along with the reliability and support every business expects. They want marketing that speaks to them in their language – and addresses their unique needs. Tell the market how you’re uniquely qualified to solve your customers’ problems – in a way that gets noticed – and you position yourself to be their first choice.