Business 2 Business Marketing


Merlin Edge’s marketing territory takes in the business-to-business space, with a particular focus on industrial companies serving Western Canada’s diversifying economy. Specialty manufacturing, fabrication, heavy equipment, construction, emerging technology, environmental services, agriculture, oil and gas exploration, energy services – they are all within our expertise.

We are a company of business advisors and strategists – with a skilled team of artists, technical people, writers and project executors. Merlin starts by gaining a clear understanding of your business, your markets and your objectives. Once we distil your value proposition, our creative process will incubate ideas on how to communicate it using all relevant means and media.

The results are communications and marketing strategy, tactics, materials and campaigns built to capture market share – and build new markets. All our products and services are tailored to your unique business circumstances and needs in the business-to-business and industrial marketing space.