Business 2 Business Marketing

Print Marketing

In the business-to-business space, print marketing remains huge. Internet ads and other electronic means are just no substitute for the tangible printed product. The leave-behind establishes a physical connection with your prospect, taking one of the first steps in developing a business relationship.

Industrial companies and energy services companies often provide relatively complex solutions to often complex challenges. These things just can’t be understood in an electronic milieu where you gain maybe 10 seconds’ attention.

Print marketing lets you:
Prove that you understand your customer;
Describe the challenge or “pain points” that your customer faces;
Show your solution;
Explain how it solves the problem;
Differentiate your company from your competitors; and
Provide technical specifications and/or corporate information that’s as detailed as you want to make it.

Merlin Edge is thoroughly versed in all these steps. In particular, our print marketing solutions are distinguished by their clear understanding of your target audience. Are your readers mainly in the corporate suite or field operations? Are they financially motivated or geared to practical solutions? Are they located across town, up North or on another content?

We take all that into account, ensuring that you speak the language of your reader. Forging connections that help lead to sales.

In addition, we get that print materials are typically intended as direct sales support rather than freestanding sales generators (although sometimes they are). Marketing materials can’t be developed in isolation from sales. Merlin Edge works with your sales team to ensure the print products make them more effective at generating sales. For more on this critical concept, please tap or click here.