Business 2 Business Marketing

Graphic Design and Production

“My new brochure is head and shoulders above anything my competitors have ever produced. I’m a small shop, but this portrays me as a world-beater. When I walk into sales meetings now, I have to remember not to start my pitch, because people open the brochure, their jaws drop and they spend minutes staring at the graphics and reading the copy.” – Merlin Edge Customer

That is what we strive for in every print marketing project. Merlin Edge’s print design and production pedigree goes back to our founding in the early 1990s.

Over the years we have delivered almost limitless variety in our print design. Whether it ends up being a straightforward depiction of a new product or technology, a piece built around a clever hook that carries throughout, or a highly metaphorical approach, you will receive a unique design that is uniquely yours.

Merlin Edge designs are typically packed with attractive, interesting – and, above all, relevant – features such as custom photography, illustrations, info-graphics, technical tables and operations maps. For outside photography and illustrations, we provide detailed art direction and supervision.


Following design and layout, our technical team is meticulous in the pre-press phases, “vetting” the electronic files to ensure perfect print reproduction. We work with trusted printers to deliver the highest printing quality achievable within your budget – whether digital, web-offset or full offset, two-colour, four-colour or eight-colour. Over the years, we have done too many late-night and weekend “press checks” to count – and we continue providing this service to ensure that the final product is the best it can be.