Business 2 Business Marketing


Merlin’s writers will use a combination of imagination and insight to tell your story. Here, content is king – and design flows naturally from the content.

The basis for everything we write at Merlin Edge is a deep-seated understanding of your business and what you want to achieve. Research ignites our creativity. Before we put fingers to keyboard, we’ll normally interview key people in your company, and sometimes representatives of different stakeholder groups, to gain a well-rounded perspective of your business’s strengths and your messaging requirements.

Writing is important in nearly everything we do – whether it’s:

  • A single potent tag-line in an advertisement that encapsulates the advantages of a new product while hooking the reader’s interests;
  • A beautiful brochure with solid content that ranges from a personal note from the president to technical product specs; or
  • A detailed multi-page report in support of your strategic planning.


Key message development is usually a central part of any project. Key messages form the nexus where words, images, media and ideas come together – with the objective of leaving an indelible impression on the reader.

Merlin was founded by two people with writing backgrounds, and our company President is a writer. That’s how seriously we take writing. It shows in our results – and we’ll make your marketing soar with writing quality that leaves your competition far below.