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Sales Support

From time to time when meeting the sales team at a new customer, we get the sense that they’ve had poor experiences with other marketing agencies. They feel these other agencies don’t seem to understand the difference between marketing and sales, their respective roles, or what is intended to happen when the two overlap.

At Merlin Edge, we understand these critical distinctions!

At times, marketing materials are their own sales tools and are expected to generate sales. A website with e-comm capability is an obvious example, but so is one with a detailed request-a-quote form.

But at other times, marketing materials must be support tools for sales. If they don’t strengthen the sales team’s ability to do their job, or if they contradict the messaging in a sales meeting, they’re useless, or worse.

We get this. We know when and how to plan marketing deliverables to function as stand-alone tools, and when they need to support your sales efforts.

In fact, we can do far more than just create these support tools. We can actually help you structure, set up and even operate your sales program.