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Making Connections? We Can Help

Many businesses still build their clientele by working the phones. That may not sound very cool in today’s wireless world of mobile devices. But it works. Especially when your business sells products and/or services to other businesses.

If you agree with the idea, but are too overloaded or just plain intimidated by cold-calling, Merlin Edge can establish a complete cold-calling program for you. We have access to expert, experienced cold-callers with very strong track records. We can educate them about your company, train them in the content of their delivery and establish their working parameters and goals. They’ll work tirelessly to get you the meetings you need in the market sectors you’re targeting.

Why use cold-calling? Sales and marketing literature, business shows and motivational speakers talk continuously about how successful companies have based their business on “relationships”. But then, far too many companies seem to think they can rely on gimmicks and impersonal technology to find leads, turn leads into prospects and build their clientele.

In the business-to-business world, relationships are critical. That goes especially here in Alberta, where business is still often done based on verbal approval, a handshake and trust in the other party’s integrity.

In a real business relationship, the day-to-day workflow might be sustained by electronic means, but the heart remains person-to-person interaction.

Well, cold-calling creates a personal connection right from the start. It’s the seeds of a relationship. One that you could cultivate into actual business and a real relationship end up lasting years and decades.