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Specialized Sales Materials

Following on what we said in the previous page, Merlin Edge has long experience in producing sales-oriented materials. Two of our advantages in this regard are that we are not intimidated by highly technical products and services or complex business models (enabling us to explain them clearly), and that we have always been keenly interested in understanding target audiences. That makes us more sales-oriented than the typical agency.

Some of our specialized sales materials are:

  • Technical sales presentations in Powerpoint (including with mix-n-match sections allowing you to focus discussion on specific products or product lines for your target audience);
  • Imaginative and user-friendly folders geared to holding exactly the leave-behind materials you want for your particular prospects;
  • Brochures;
  • Technical fact/spec sheet templates that look great while making it easy for you to populate with your own content (a great feature when you’re rolling out new products frequently);
  • Technical advertising in specialized industry publications; and
  • Well thought-out leave-behind gifts that appeal to your customers while reminding them of your company’s products.

We can also edit technical papers and conference presentations, which can be highly effective (though subtle) sales tools.