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Move Up the Food Chain with the Right Website

Your website is your organization’s public face, your company’s business card to the world. Its strength comes from strategically interweaving your story, strong visuals and great features – like animations – with a well-structured site-map for clear navigation and clean code for reliability and robustness.

Most important, your website houses and protects your brand in the electronic world. It needs to be integrated with your other marketing activities and your brand management.

Each website or e-marketing program we develop is based on a thorough strategic and technical analysis of your company and is brought to life with the imagination and enthusiasm of our creative team. Your website or interactive campaign will be as unique as your business.

Knowing how to build your website takes 360-degree thinking because users don’t navigate in a linear fashion. They click back and forth, watch videos, move in and out of social media and listen to webcasts. Interactive media are meant to be played with. Merlin Edge designs user-experiences based on a deep understanding of your business’s value proposition, the external environment, your intended audiences and your strategic purposes.

Our web team backs up big ideas and strategic thinking with the in-house technical resources to execute them. Our sites are technically rigorous, elegantly coded, W3C-compliant, fast-loading and mobile-device-friendly. Unlike many agencies, we can develop using multiple mainstream methods and content management systems, and we build for both Linux and .net.

Following development, we will help drive traffic to your website using innovative e-marketing and social media campaigns, levering the site’s strengths to catch the attention of customers, investors and employees.