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Many companies simply use their Intranet to post PDF files of their standard forms, policies and procedures, making them easily accessible company-wide and reducing the HR department’s workload. If that’s all you’re doing, you’re not exploiting the potential of your intranet.

Merlin will work with you to build an intranet that forms the hub of your internal brand and becomes integral to your employee retention strategy. Done properly, your intranet becomes your company’s online clubhouse. You can be brief or fulsome. Funny and approachable or serious, as circumstances dictate. You can cultivate feedback to learn from your employees – or exercise leadership to push strategic objectives.

Intranets can help you communicate growth plans, business achievements and team-building information like survey results, recent awards and employer rankings. They help you build excitement and buy-in for important company events – and then lever the results by communicating what took place to all those who couldn’t be there. Secure intranets are also amazing communications vehicles during times of uncertainty for your company, such as following a merger or acquisition or while fending off a hostile takeover attempt.

Your intranet should be a space on your website reserved for you to speak directly with your employees – and for your employees to speak directly with you and one another.