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Online Marketing

We can help you with more than driving traffic to your website or improving your search engine ranking. Those are important. But they’re not end goals. They are means to an end, which is increased business.

Merlin develops strategies that continue the online conversation – transforming site visitors into leads and leads into prospects. We can also help get your people in the door at your customers’ offices and get your name on the RFP list.

Today, most marketing strategies we develop involve at least one online component – and increasingly entire campaigns are being executed online. There are compelling reasons for the transition. Online communications can be far more targeted than traditional media – yet they can still reach mass audiences at a reasonable cost. There’s a huge added benefit: analytics that create a powerful testing ability, letting you evaluate the success of your campaigns in real time and adjust any aspect – audience, creative, content, timing – to make it more powerful.

The best strategies are based on research, giving us insight into where and when you can catch the attention of your target markets and audiences, wherever they are during their day. You can rely on us to create a cohesive strategy integrating online and traditional tactics to achieve your marketing goals: