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Search Engine Optimization

In a world with a virtually uncountable number of websites, drawing people to one’s own website is a never-ending concern for many organizations. While there are numerous companies out there peddling gimmicks and quick-fixes that promise to push you to the head of the rankings – usually over-promising and under-delivering – at Merlin Edge we don’t pretend to be able to trick or out-manoeuvre the great minds at Google.

We build legitimate, proven SEO features into every website we build, while always looking for additional ways to give our clients that extra edge. But we never promise miracles that we know can’t be achieved.

We’ll also coach you on ways to drive traffic to your site using social media and other tactics. SEO is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation: the best way to raise your search rankings is to increase the number of visitors to your site, while increasing your traffic often depends on your search ranking. We’re experienced with a number of tactics that work, we’ll give you the advice you need and we’ll help set up your program.

Merlin provides two levels of active SEO. The first level focuses on a natural process that levers your website’s actual structure, content and purpose. This involves determining your key phrases and incorporating them within your web copy, web page title and the folder structure. We always encourage companies to provide thorough content to back up the key words, because search engines evaluate the actual content in assessing and ranking websites.

The second level of SEO involves a more aggressive campaign employing a variety of ever-changing tactics. The major search engines are continually changing their search algorithms and ranking indices. This constant change requires ongoing evolution in the tactics used to improve a website’s page ranking.