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Social Media

“Posting on social” is culturally ubiquitous – yet many companies continue to lag. Worries about risks, not knowing whom to designate – or how to remain organized if multiple people are interested – confusion about purpose and benefits, concerns about brand devaluation are all common barriers.

Merlin Edge can help with clear, practical advice on how you as a company can make intelligent and above all purposeful use of social media aimed at advancing your business objectives, strengthening employee ties and reaching out to communities.

Although we don’t do much of it ourselves on the Merlin Edge website – we really are too busy writing for clients to do extra writing on social – we’re well-versed in social media:

  • We were blogging before the words “web log” were even shortened into “blog” – that would be around 2002. A corporate blog can be a powerful channel to strengthen ties with customers and build your brand. We can set up your program, coach you on how to blog, or handle the entire program from first word to last;
  • We can set up your corporate program on LinkedIn;
  • We can help you use Facebook in ways that reflect that medium’s more casual nature – without having it descend into a farcical set of employee selfies;
  • We do customized Twitter feeds that reflect your company’s business objectives and unique use of that medium; and
  • For publicly traded companies, we can work with your disclosure committee to figure out ways to get interesting information out on social without running afoul of securities laws.

Talk to us. We’re more socially connected than our corporate communications background might suggest.