Business 2 Business Marketing

Web Visionaries

Merlin’s interactive solutions team is comprised of visionaries. People who think in terms of the overall user experience – and combine that insight with your strategic purposes in the online environment.

Getting the website you need starts with strategic analysis. Big conceptual and strategic thinking takes insight and imagination. Merlin’s creative and interactive services teams work collaboratively to align your website strategy, design and key messages in a singular concept that is a natural extension of your brand and your competitive advantages.

From there, anything is possible. We’ll look for opportunities to develop custom applications that streamline processes and actually lighten the workload of your marketing and investor relations teams. We’ll suggest ways to WOW users with animations and video elements. We’ll advise you on what content management systems to use, and train your people on how to use them. We can create customer databases and contact management systems, inventories and catalogue functions, dedicated sections for key stakeholders like suppliers or recruitment microsites, and full e-comm.

Whatever approach you choose, we’ll raise your expectations of what your website can do for your organization.