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Website Design

Powerful. Dramatic. Compelling. Just plain beautiful. And, above all, unique – unique to your company. That sums up the corporate websites designed by Merlin Edge. We are intensely proud of our track record in web design, which spans over 100 companies, from start-ups to global enterprises.

Merlin-designed websites are meant to be used, not simply viewed or read. We catch the attention of visitors with the “WOW” factor. Then, we draw them deeper to learn about different aspects of your business, send requests for information, pay for items and call you.

We want them to want to do business with you. Effective design highlights your key messages and leads users down the path from your homepage or landing page to the point where they contact your business or, on e-comm sites, make a purchase.

Many web shops don’t actually perform web design – they go straight into building pages on standardized templates, and add some colours and photos along the way. It shows!

At Merlin, you get full access to our design team and its wealth of abilities. Design, in turn, is driven by and integrated with our conceptual and strategic planning. Before writing one line of code, we go through design iterations until you’re completely satisfied.

Merlin’s web designers are mindful of the need to build technically efficient websites, such as using web-friendly fonts to ensure cross-platform compatibility, and assist with search engine optimization.

In addition to designing the actual website pages, we design all of the creative elements you may use to tell your story like animations and motion graphics.