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Website Development

You want a smooth launch to your new website. You want the pages to load quickly. You want the site to be user-friendly on mobile devices. You want the site to stand up over time. You want it to be bug-free. And you want to be able to edit the content on your own.

Merlin Edge’s brilliant, in-house technical team delivers on all counts. The team spins the digital thread that holds our websites and on-line marketing campaigns together. They integrate the concept, design, writing and technical architecture with cleanly coded execution that meets today’s technical standards. Their programming talents allow us to execute websites nearly any way our creative people can dream up.

Merlin builds websites in accordance with technical standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). W3C compliance takes a little more effort, but delivers real benefits. Among other things, meeting W3C standards ensures a website displays properly on a variety of browsers.

Unlike some web agencies that can only build websites in one programming language, Merlin’s development team expertly covers the spectrum of pure html, php, aspx and .net. We work with leading open-source solutions such as WordPress, as well as commercial products. We can build or integrate custom applications and tools to facilitate your communications needs. We can select a content management system from a large range of choices, allowing your people to add, delete and modify web pages and content.

Every site we develop is thoroughly tested before launch. Before we begin development, we’ll give you a choice of content management system, and we’ll provide training in its use. Following launch, we’ll always be available for technical support, updates, design changes and anything else to do with your new website.

Other technical aspects:

  • We routinely incorporate RSS and social media web feeds, allowing users to subscribe and automatically receive information from your website whenever it’s updated;
  • We stream content broadcast from another website, such as stock-tickers and weather reports;
  • We’re not only fully conversant in placing i-frames (such as for automated job applications handled by third parties), we’ll work with those providers to customize the design of those typically clunky displays to make them look more like your own website; and
  • We host websites at a competitive cost through a trusted strategic partner with an excellent uptime record.