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Website Strategy


Concept without strategic communications is irrelevant. Strategic communications without technical understanding is powerless. Ignore these three key pieces and building a website becomes a pure shot in the dark. At Merlin, we plan and integrate concept, strategic communications and architecture so that your website becomes a genuine strategic marketing tool.

Strategic communications analysis includes research involving your key people, analysis of your competitors and, ideally, external stakeholders to get full perspectives. This phase distills key messages from your value proposition, the competitive landscape and your strategic marketing goals.

Winning website concepts are based on a few words or phrases combined with intelligently selected visuals that capture the essence of your value proposition and target the key audiences you’re after in the online environment. This process results in a direction integrating those elements and bringing the key messages to life.

Strategic analysis is accompanied by a technical analysis. Technical analysis examines your business processes, technical resources and IT infrastructure (including current Internet arrangements) to ensure your website has the right architecture and technical platform to fulfill your needed communications functions – and that the result actually works. We include a plan to manage and maintain your website going forward.

Like everything we do, Merlin Edge’s website planning approach reflects our philosophy of understanding our clients’ business and creating a result that tells their story.