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Website Writing

Writing for the web requires three-dimensional thinking. Your web content must flow logically from the high-level information on your homepage, via feature buckets and landing pages, down to more focused and detailed content pages. Wherever it’s located, the content must convey your key messages, capturing users who choose to navigate laterally through your website by using cross-links to jump between locations.

This means the website’s writer must have situational awareness not just of the previous and next pages – but of all the other pages. Only then can you lever the web’s three-dimensionality. The amount and detail must be appropriate to that page – and complementary to visuals and graphics, creating a mutually supportive whole. One must think of the user’s needs, desires, and level of patience all the time – while always remembering the website’s strategic communications goals.

Merlin’s web writers are expert, experienced and extremely versatile. Led by company President George Koch, we’re comfortable at every content level – from the big-picture positioning statements and your company’s long-term vision to technical write-ups, operational discussions and bios of your management team. We’re happy to edit complex financial information and detailed equipment spec sheets. We also handle scripts for videos and animations.

We know your website will have multiple key audiences, and we know how to communicate with them all: customers (and prospects), investors (and prospects), employees (and potential recruits), and other stakeholders. Count on Merlin Edge to tell your story with accuracy, urgency and flair!