Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Annual Reports

Many publicly traded companies continue to rely on the annual report as the centrepiece of their communications for the year. At these companies, the annual report doesn’t just get printed, mailed and forgotten. Instead, it becomes the IR team’s “Bible” or critical reference work for the year ahead, to be used over and over in answering questions from investors and other stakeholders, to refresh memories and to keep the team focused and “on message”.

The continuing usefulness of such a traditional document can be remarkable. But to play such a role, the annual report needs to be excellent – not merely attractive, but packed with strategic insight, a great CEO’s letter, a solid operations section and interesting facts not only about the company but the industry it is competing in.

That is why to us, an annual report isn’t just a pleasing cover wrapped around some nice graphics. It’s far more: an opportunity and indeed an imperative to tell your story in a way that’s true to your own self-understanding and that speaks meaningfully to your investors. Such an annual report isn’t derived from your presentation or press releases – it drives your communication for the year. At Merlin Edge, these fundamental customer-centric considerations drive design and content – not vice-versa.

Many companies want to complement their printed documents with flip-books or powerful interactive annual reports. A flip-book version for your website is a standard deliverable for Merlin Edge. And we are fully versed in creating online annual reports ranging from enhanced PDFs with links to highly interactive e-annuals.