Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Market Analysis & Investor Perception Audits

Analysts. Retail investors. Bankers. Key shareholders. The best market analyses and investor audits gain the full spectrum of perspectives on your company and its market position. Figuring out what stakeholders understand and want to know about you forms the baseline of facts from which to build a sound investor relations strategy. This type of research has been a Merlin Edge specialty for over two decades.

Following the research, Merlin develops communications to correct misconceptions about your company, to counter negative perceptions and to reinforce and expand upon your company’s recognized strengths. There’s no bad time to do these studies because the findings always come in handy. The most strategic timing is immediately preceding a major communications initiative: a revamped website (which can involve as little as re-messaging the home page banners), the next annual report or an upcoming road show. If you are contemplating an overall corporate rebranding, the market analysis and investor perception audit is critical.

For publicly traded companies that also deliver products and services (other than commodities) to other businesses or consumers, we also recommend conducting a market analysis focused on your customers and competitors rather than investors. Understanding your customers’ perceptions of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, their perception of your market position, and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses provides the foundation for your marketing strategy. It also helps improve your messaging to investors.

Understanding your markets – customer markets and investor markets – can help you achieve your goals for business development and growth in shareholder value.