Investor Relations / Corporate Communications


Merlin Edge has provided sound strategic counsel to publicly traded companies year-round for well over two decades. Our strategic approach aligns media and tactics with your communications objectives.

We are your partner in conceiving and producing the full spectrum of investor communications using in-house resources. That encompasses reporting your financial results and operational successes – using all channels from Powerpoint presentations to press releases to your website – as well as highlighting your non-financial activities in corporate sustainability reports.

At Merlin Edge, the investor relations program starts by gaining a deep understanding of your investment proposition, capital market and competitive position, business model and strategic plan. We do that through “discovery” discussions with your key people combined with market research that centres on external financial analysts – plus, where warranted, interviews with customers, major shareholders and community stakeholders – and by applying our deep knowledge of business, the economy and the sectors in which we specialize.

The result is a complete investor relations communications program that represents your company and your growth plans through compelling content, design, graphics and visuals across all communications channels in the print, electronic and visual media.