Investor Relations / Corporate Communications


Your audience is more diversified than ever. Investor knowledge of your business and industry varies dramatically. Your investors are not only down the street but across oceans. Your competitors are out there putting their best communications foot forward.

To tackle these challenges, the PowerPoint-based “road show” remains a staple of investor communications for publicly traded as well as private equity-funded companies. Developing presentations and materials targeting retail and institutional investors is one of Merlin Edge’s core services.

Like everything we do, our PowerPoint presentations begin with a strategically based conceptual framework. We are comfortable writing your presentation end-to-end, or editing your draft, or doing a bit of both. Design and graphics are as sophisticated as you want them. Merlin Edge has developed internal innovations that make graphs, tables and maps far more flexible and efficient for the user – that’s you – to manage and amend, without sacrificing high design standards or visual appeal. As always, our turnaround times are hard to beat.

Our full in-house capabilities handle all aspects of your presentation’s concept, design, writing and production. A range of companies – particularly oil and natural gas producers – frequently call on us to create not only property and asset maps, but detailed custom illustrations of their geological play types, facilities, technologies or processes. We also help individual brokers prepare their own presentations to explain company stories to retail investors.

Multi-Media Presentations – We encourage you to go beyond the standard PowerPoint presentation your company usually delivers at investment conferences. Corporate videos that explain your story at a high level, with complementary print materials providing the factual details, are more interesting, powerful and flexible. These can reside within a Powerpoint framework.

Alternatively, voice-over narration of your PowerPoint presentation on flash drive or your website adds valuable context and provides complete content for those who could not make it to your conference – plus allows you to communicate directly with other audiences.

Speech Coaching – Sometimes a successful presentation comes down to your delivery. Merlin Edge provides professional presentation coaching that will turn you or your people into the type of dynamic speaker investors enjoy seeing.