Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Public and Community Relations

For a publicly traded company, public relations are closely linked to investor relations. That is because your investors are a big part of your public – and investor issues are usually the most important issues that you, as a publicly traded company, deal with.

Communications that build trust and confidence with your investors, people in the communities where you operate and other key stakeholders take considerable thought and strategic planning. Merlin is your source of sound advice on how to manage your public perceptions, using both online and traditional channels for transmitting information to your audiences.

Public relations go well beyond investor relations, however. Your company may be dealing with one or several major issues that extend far past the capital markets and investor audiences. You may need to:

  • Build public support for a new field drilling program or facility construction/expansion;
  • Communicate in the face of an adverse event;
  • Counter the criticisms of competitors or opponents;
  • Fend off a hostile takeover attempt; or
  • Grapple with general challenges that require moving public perceptions.

Merlin Edge develops public and community relations materials and campaigns based on key messages reflecting your company’s enduring values, the underlying facts – and a hard-headed appraisal of what is realistically achievable.

Another important communications area is sustainable development and corporate social responsibility reporting. Please click here for more.