Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Strategic Counsel

Investor Relations – Strategic research, analysis and recommendations to help our clients achieve their business and capital market objectives through effective IR are at the core of what we are about. We lead you through an evaluative process that examines your business model, economic conditions, market realities and your goals and objectives.

Out of this we crystallize key messages that will communicate your investment proposition to investors and your value proposition to customers and other stakeholders in clear and compelling terms. Then we develop a communications plan and execute through the full range of print, news service and online communications media.

Crisis Communications – We have all witnessed corporate executives blind-sided by unfortunate events and having that deer-in-the-headlights look as they try to explain the bad news. Don’t find yourself paralyzed by crises!

Beyond helping develop your IR strategy for “regular” times, Merlin Edge develops toolkits for crisis communications surrounding events such as hostile takeover bids, workplace accidents, environmental incidents or acute capital market challenges. Thorough advance planning ensures you have the strategy in place and the tactics mapped out, so that on the very day of an event you and your team have a logical plan to rally around and execute.