Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Sustainability & CSR Reports

A sustainability or corporate social responsibility report can be an effective channel to appeal to stakeholder groups beyond your investors. Environmental management, social, workforce and landowner relations and other community issues initially gained greater prominence in annual reports – then made the leap to their own reporting process and became important areas of corporate reporting.

Among many companies, these reports soon became formulaic, using the same content structures, measurement benchmarks and third-party vetting. At Merlin, we believe every company has a unique story to tell – and should tell it in a unique way. Annual report structures are confined within a regulatory straitjacket. In SD and CSR reports, the structure and content are limited only by your imagination – and that of your communications agency.

Your sustainable development and CSR programs and policies are unlikely to be the same as your competitors’. Your assets are different, your priorities and goals are different, your communities and ways of dealing with them are different. Your sustainability report shouldn’t be the same as everyone else’s – it should be entirely your own!

In addition to planning and creating the highest-quality SD and CSR reports, Merlin Edge develops SD/CSR sections of corporate websites as well as integrated campaigns involving public relations, industrial marketing, internal communications and community relations. Communicating your business’ sustainability initiatives enhances your reputation as a responsible member of the community, a leading employer and a good corporate citizen.