Investor Relations / Corporate Communications


A publicly traded company’s website has a broad “job description”:

  • It educates retail and institutional investors and other audiences who have inconsistent levels of knowledge and technical expertise;
  • It is part of the marketing program for any company that supplies products and services beyond commodities;
  • It needs to speak to community stakeholders and regulators; and
  • It needs to play a role – for many companies, a critical role – in employee recruitment.

Before beginning design or development, Merlin Edge helps its clients plan, prioritize and apportion these various roles.

We often find that websites can do far more in their service to investors. Many companies lean on simply posting their presentations and press releases, while starving the website itself of original content and/or letting it sit statically. We encourage publicly traded companies to fully populate all sections of their websites which investors might find interesting.

These include:

  • An investor section built around a thorough Investment Proposition or Why Invest page, complemented by discussion of financial issues (and presentation of facts and metrics) of particular salience to that company and its investors;
  • Multiple info-graphics, buckets and other positioning items on the home page;
  • Content-rich operations sections, including graphs, illustrations, info-graphics and maps. Often, the graphical elements can be re-purposed from presentations or annual reports at low cost.
  • A well-thought-out, soundly written corporate profile;
  • Well-written, meticulously edited biographies of management and directors (rather than a mish-mash drawn from people’s individual resumes or other companies’ websites (in the case of directors);
  • Compelling introductions to the management team and board of directors pages;
  • A corporate governance section with original content complementing the standard pdf’s of legal boilerplate; and
  • A CSR section.

Merlin Edge delivers comprehensive web-based communications solutions. We can equip your website with our Investor Toolkit, which takes over or streamlines many of your investor relations team’s administrative tasks. Merlin’s Investor Toolkit allows investors to sign up to receive your AIF, annual report, quarterly reports and news releases automatically.

Video and Animations – Websites are habitually described as interactive. But have you noticed how many websites are essentially static, with virtually no interactivity? Merlin Edge produces multiple interactive elements, including animated processes, interactive illustrations and other. Please see our main discussion on these elements. [*goes to the Multi-Media page under Business-to-Business Marketing LP]

Online Annual Reports – When it comes to the traditional printed annual report, one-size-fits-all no longer fits. Cost pressures and the speed of the internet make a compelling case for the e-annual. Merlin develops on-line annual reports with powerful interactivity. Our online annuals range from enhanced PDFs with hotlinks to impressive interactive reports.