Investor Relations / Corporate Communications


At Merlin Edge, content is king, and the client’s communications needs drive the design via the process of discovery research, key messaging development and the writing of content itself. We have written hundreds of annual and quarterly reports and thousands of reporting documents.

We do this with confidence, style and empathy. In each document, we craft a unique story that reflects the individuality of the company – and its particular leaders – from quarter to quarter and year to year. We take particular pride in being able to capture the voice and personality of individuals who span a wide range of personalities, management philosophies and speaking styles.

We go far beyond the front-end positioning copy and CEO’s Letter. We routinely edit corporate MD&As and notes to financials – including those of very large reporting issues. We always find things to correct in documents drafted by the best accounting and law firms. And we go where few agencies dare to tread: we are comfortable writing your MD&A from scratch.

Before Merlin puts finger to keyboard, however, we guide your key people through a messaging process to crystallize your market position and your investor communications goals. Your key messages capture your:

  • Business model;
  • Growth strategy;
  • Technical competencies;
  • Peer group benchmarks and differentiators;
  • Financing and operating results; and
  • Outlook and forecasts.

These are the essentials of what makes your business unique and relevant to investors. Merlin’s writers and editors then weave your investment proposition throughout your investor communications in all media, ensuring your messaging is clear and consistent. We will tell your story in your company’s own voice, producing finished public reporting documents in a tone and style that reflect your organization’s character, people and values.