Merlin's Story

Our Approach

You could say Merlin sinks in a talon to get at the core of your business’s competitive position and business realities, while other agencies barely scratch the surface of what makes your business important.

Creating consistently powerful communications takes discipline and hard work. Our strategic approach levers our deep business knowledge and the unique insight gained through research. Merlin’s approach is to understand your business in depth – along with the audiences you’re trying to reach – in order to create effective and immediate business-to-business communications and investor relations materials that compel your target audiences to take notice and act.

Merlin’s people start by determining how your company is perceived by your management and the market. We combine this with overall understanding of the industry you operate in. We then develop communications solutions forging a link among your business offering, market opportunities and economic trends.

Our design concepts and parameters follow from (rather than drive) this process. Content is always critical, and your company is at the centre of everything. The results are plain to see: work products that are content-rich, factually accurate, blazingly original and attractive – sometimes just plain beautiful – and that, above all, reflect you and your company.