Merlin's Story

Our Name

The Merlin darts, lightning fast, over the open Prairie and through the woodlands, eyes roaming ahead and below. Compact and powerful, it lands deftly, claws extended in a move that is focused, seemingly effortless and breathtakingly effective.

When the company was launched in 1993, its founders wanted a name and look that reflected who we were and what we believed in as business people. We chose the Merlin as our symbol.

The Merlin (Falco columbarius) is a compact and powerful falcon inhabiting Canada, the western United States and Central America. It is one of the fastest raptors on Earth. The Merlin catches prey in flight through spectacular bursts of speed and remarkable aerial acrobatics.

The Merlin’s attributes capture the way we conduct our business – focused messaging and strategy, efficient use of resources, responsiveness to changes in your priorities, and always resourceful. In our view, the Merlin represents our edge. It’s a metaphor for how we capture your strengths, give you a competitive edge and help your business take flight.

In addition to that, we deeply appreciate the beauty that our wildlife offers, we love birds and we are in plain awe of raptors, including the Merlin. We encourage you to follow the efforts of the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.