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President and Co-Founder
In addition to running Merlin Edge and overseeing the creative process, George Koch is the company’s senior writer and editor. His objective is to help you tell your story in the way that best reflects your business model, major activities, marketing objectives, and financial and operating results – in your company’s own voice.

George will help you communicate effectively with your external and internal audiences. He covers all business-to-business marketing projects in print and online, investor relations documents (including editing MD&A’s and notes to financials), public communications like press releases, strategic planning documents such as branding studies, and internal communications with employees.

A co-founder of Merlin with Laurie Watson, George is an award-winning journalist, co-author, speech-writer and researcher. He has nearly 30 years of professional writing experience. He holds a B.A. (History) from the University of Alberta and an M.A. (Journalism) from the University of Western Ontario.


Vice President of Operations and Senior Account Manager
Jennifer will lead your project’s development from the initial meeting to delivery, ensuring timelines and budgets are respected and your project’s goals are achieved. Jennifer brings strong abilities to manage multiple priorities while attending to detail to maintain your company’s brand integrity.

While managing the progress of projects ranging in duration from mere hours to months, Jennifer edits and proofreads, liaises with printers and media outlets, provides art direction at photo shoots and has day-to-day oversight of the Merlin Edge team and its workflow. Her written and verbal communication skills and her analytical, problem-solving and leadership abilities allow her to work harmoniously with clients and colleagues.

Jennifer joined Merlin Edge in 2011. Having held sales and marketing positions in various industrial companies, including computer software development and telecommunications, she excels in building customer relationships. Jennifer has also worked as a freelance writer as she raised her four children. More than 100 of her articles have appeared in the Calgary Herald. She holds a B.A. (Political Science) and a B.Comm (Marketing) from the University of Calgary.


Senior Designer
Arvind’s ability to produce visually stunning and conceptually relevant design across the full range of print and online deliverables places him at the centre of the action at Merlin Edge. His work clearly has “style”, but Arvind doesn’t just have “a style”. His passion, customer focus and attention to detail generate an ongoing stream of unique and fresh solutions to the design challenges the Merlin team places before him.

Arvind’s design philosophy is to sweat the details – all of them. This includes everything from adding the subtle touches separating design elements to conceiving a surprising colour palette to creating a unique typographical package for each client’s family of products. That is one reason Merlin Edge’s projects, including our websites, carry a level of design refinement rare in our age of social media-influenced “square block” websites.

Arvind holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from Eastham College in East London, United Kingdom, graduating in 1989. He came to Canada in 1992 and worked at ION Communications and the United Way of Calgary before joining Merlin Edge in 2009. Arvind is married with two children.


Production Manager

In Memoriam: LAURIE WATSON (1950-2014)

Laurie Watson co-founded Merlin in 1993 and was its president and creative director for the following 21 years. A long-time Albertan, her unwavering commitment to the highest achievable creative standards and strategic thinking were the foundation of Merlin’s success. She was married to George Koch, Merlin’s co-founder and current President.

Please click here for an illustrated profile of Laurie’s life and business career.